• Judy Garland 8x10 autographed photograph - this is a classic photograph showing her and some classmates in an MGM studio classroom for young performers. See scan of tag on reverse of photo. $1200



    Judy Garland photo

    JUDY GARLAND PHOTOGRAPHS FOR SALE and immediate delivery. SPECIAL: BUY THREE AND GET ONE FREE. (unsigned ones only).

    Click here to view rare and unique photographs of JUDY GARLAND IN CONCERT.

    Click here to view rare and unique CANDID PHOTOGRAPHS OF JUDY GARLAND.

    Click here to view rare and unique photographs of JUDY GARLAND WITH HER CHILDREN (Liza, Lorna and Joey) AND WITH HER SISTERS, during her vaudeville days.

    You will not find these unique and rare photos anywhere else. They are a MUST for any Judy Garland collector and fan. All photos are 8x10 black and white glossy, clear photographs. There is a shopping cart on the photo pages to facilitate your ordering. Click the links to view these wonderful photographs, available for immediate delivery.

  • Click the links above to view the wonderful photos I have for sale. The minimum order is two photos.


    I have many photographs for sale on these pages. Most of these photographs come from ORIGINAL one of a kind negatives. I obtained these negatives from the estate of the president of the Judy Garland Fan Club, midwest division. She had personal access to Judy. Judy Garland collectors have told me that they have never seen many of these photos before. Click the links to my other pages to view the photographs I have for sale. You will not find comparable photographs for sale anywhere on the Internet. The photos on these pages are ready for immediate delivery. Gift certificates are also available.


    Looking for a gift for that Judy Garland fan that you know? A gift certificate to this web site would definitely fit the bill.

    Click here to view photographs of JUDY GARLAND IN CONCERT.


    Click here to view photographs of JUDY GARLAND WITH HER CHILDREN AND WITH HER SISTERS.

    Click here to view my Celebrity Autograph page, movie stars, music stars, historical figures and more.

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    I AM BUYING PHOTOS AND NEGATIVES OF WELL KNOWN MOVIE AND MUSIC STARS. Send me an e mail if you have anything for sale.

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    The above address is not a store, please do not drop by unannounced. Thanks very much. image

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