I purchased the Judy Garland collection of Pat McMath, President of the Midwest Branch of the Judy Garland Fan Club. This collection consisted of hundreds of photographs and negatives. I am offering these photographs which come from negatives at very reasonable prices. These are prints of the highest quality. Not laser prints, not scanned computer prints, not copy machine prints, but photographic prints from rare negatives, many of which are one of a kind. This page consists of some very unique candid photographs, many of which have never appeared in print. More will be available in the coming weeks. All these photos are 8x10 and priced at $9 each. Order three and get one free. Just send me an e mail after you place your order.

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  • #6- Judy

  • #8- Judy

  • #10- Judy

    Photos 2,6,8 and 10 are with her fourth husband Mark Herron.

  • #4- Judy

    With Ed Sullivan and Liza.

  • #9- Judy
    In her famous tramp outfit.

  • #21-Judy

  • #28- image
    Judy as an infant.

  • #29-with her mother- image

  • #30-out of stock image

  • #31-with Jerry Lewis- image
  • #32-with Mark Herron- image

  • #35-out of stock -with Mickey Rooney- image

  • #36-with Mickey Rooney- image

  • #40- with Mark Herron image

  • #41-with Mark Herron image

  • image

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    These photos are 8x10 and priced at $9 each. Minimum order is two photos. Be sure to look at all my other Judy Garland photo pages. Shipping is $6 per order (you may order as many photos as you want for one $6 shipping charge) by UPS ground service. International shipping is $9 for Global Priority Mail. (minimum order for International shipments is 4 photos). I accept Visa and Mastercard through PayPal. Just click the cart icon to pay by PayPal. Personal checks and money orders are also accepted.

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