My Authentication Experience and Service

General Information
I've been a sports autograph collector, dealer and authenticator for 20 years.



I've been the consultant/autograph authenticator to two NYC auction houses, including Guernsey's (seller of the Mark McGwire $3,000,000 ball) and Phillips Gallery. I was the consultant/authenticator for the New York Sports Museum and Hall of Fame auction.

I also wrote the autograph column for what was the leading publication in the hobby: Beckett Sports Collectibles. I completed an extensive correspondence course in Forensic Document Examination, offered by a Board Certified Forensic Examiner.

I have been a consultant to law enforcement agencies in N.Y. regarding fraud in the autograph market. My court testimony helped to convict a forger (the case was People vs. Beram & Dubcek) in Nassau County, NY. I was declared an EXPERT WITNESS in sports autographs by the judge. The original complainant in the case was the head of the Ted Williams Museum in Florida. I have letters of thanks from the prosecution and complainant. My testimony helped convict the forger. DO NOT LET ANY EBAY SELLER TELL YOU THAT MY TESTIMONY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IN COURT. My testimony has already been accepted in a N.Y. State Court. Remember the autograph business flourished for 150 years without "handwriting experts" and their "opinions". Don't let sellers on ebay change that. Read my forgery alert page.

I have also worked with the Department of Consumer Affairs in New York City in an investigation of bogus autographs sold on ebay. MANY THOUSANDS of bogus autographs were sold on ebay. As a result of this investigation many autographs and a number of sellers were removed from ebay. Two autographs on ebay that I determined were not authentic were submitted to unbiased, forensic examiners in the NYC Police Department. These examiners agreed with me that the autographs were NOT authentic and they submitted written reports, which I have copies of.forgedAnother ebay item that I thought not authentic was submitted to an unbiased forensic police examiner in Northern California. She also agreed with my findings and submitted a written report, which I have a copy of.

I am a consultant to Sweet Spot Magazine. I was a participant in their Internet survey of Babe Ruth autographs and I am quoted in an article about the results of that survey.
I am prominently mentioned in a book about the McGwire ball auction called "The Ball" by Daniel Paisner.

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How I Save Clients Money

I received a "Lou Gehrig" signed ball to authenticate, sold on ebay. The ball has a Spalding logo above the sweet spot and a weird looking Official American League Ball print on the sweet spot. I did not like the signature and Spalding did not make Official American League balls until 1975! I contacted a leading expert on old balls. He examined the logos and told me that "Official American League Ball" was actually written on the ball, and that particular Spalding logo below the sweet spot, identified the ball as coming out AFTER Gehrig's death. The ball came with a numbered COA, from a handwriting examiner, which the buyer sent to me (COA # JT759). The same ID numbers were written on the ball. I saved this buyer $3000!! The ball was once again immediately placed on ebay when the seller received it back.
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Remember When I Authenticate

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